Conceptable was founded in 2008, while the collaboration between Jeffery and Sean could be traced back to 7 years earlier than that. By that I mean, back in the school days, when Jeffery had a brilliant idea about his project in mind but fail to figure out the codes, Sean did it for him — once in a while, the whole thing, like his final year project.
The two guys grew and went on their own paths until that day, when Jeffery had this thought about starting his own company. Sean, the guy who Jeffery addressed as “the only person who was smarter than him in class”, came up in his mind. And Sean, who once mentioned “Jeffery could possibly be the only business partner I can tolerate”, agreed to team up with his old man.
So this is how the Conceptable begins. What do these guys do now? They don’t do things you want. They do things you never know you want but after you have it, you’ll never want it be taken away from you.
(Alright, if you prefer a more precise answer to this question about “what do they do?” with lots of words that probably only nerdy tech guys like us could understand, please go to the Our Work page.)