April 10, 2011

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Hong Kong Weather 400,000

回想當時在大埔和家人吃飯時看著她於App Store上架,在排行榜上一位一位往上爬,到了昨晚七時,Hong Kong Weather在第四十萬部iOS裝置上被啟動了! 400,000在iOS的世界裡並不是甚麼值得稱奇的成績,不過由我們看來,最初的一個”HelloWorld” (學習一個新程式語言時第一個寫的程式通常稱為HelloWorld) 被安裝到四十萬部iPhone/iPod/iPad上實在是令人覺得不可思異。

作為最早於App Store上架的中文程式之一,由iOS 2.0開始到iOS 4.3.1,iPhone 3G一直走到iPhone 4,由唯一的香港天氣程式到現在包括天文台官方App的百花齊放,我們的Hong Kong Weather不止保守著App Store上的席位,更成為香港Apple App Store All-Time Top Free iPhone Apps排行榜第九位,謝謝大家的支持,也感謝一直以來給我們意見的各位。 Hong Kong All time Top iPhone Apps

上年我們除了數據和程式上的改進外,我們開始引入Artist Theme,因為我們相信本地有不少努力創作的設計師和插畫家都希望他們的作品可以走進人群,替生活增添色彩,Hong Kong Weather正是這個理想的媒介,希望各Artist的努力都得到大家的肯定和支持。


Thank you Sean. Thank you Iris. Thank you for all the help from our beta testers. Thank you for all the great art from talented artists. Thank you for the stars from App Store. Thank you very much.

Jeffery Wong 2011 Apr 11

(希望WP的用戶都會喜歡我們上年推出的Windows Phone 7版本。)


  • Clement said on April 17, 2011

    請問HK Weather有沒有有Artist Theme的Android版本?

  • admin said on April 17, 2011

    Hong Kong Weather 現時只有iOS和 Windows Phone 7的版本。因資源所限,暫時沒有公開發佈Android版的計畫。

  • Clement said on April 24, 2011

    那麼 Windows Phone 7的版本有沒有Artist Theme如chocolate rain?

  • Plee said on July 1, 2011

    Your apps is excellent and stand out from others by the PUSH ALERT for HK Observatory announcements. Hence, as Android and iPhone have the most popular market shares, very eager to see the Android version with this PUSH function retained.

    Keep on the good works! 🙂

    Sincere Supporter!!

  • TH said on November 5, 2011

    Ever since I had upgraded to iPhone 4, the HK temperature is incorrect, always showing about 6-10 degrees lower than actual weather. I uploaded app to iPad and same result yet my friend has no problem with his HK Weather App. Please let me know how to correct this.

  • Ben Olmsted said on April 24, 2015

    Please update the Widget and Watch apps to support English language as soon as possible. Love the app!

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