January 17, 2009

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iPhone Edit Before Call 2.0 Release

Edit Before Call/SMS just released a free update for all 1.x customer. It is a major update of the app and it introduced a new function, “Rules”. You can preset rules to help you modify the phone number automatically. For example, rules can help you change the number from +852 12345678 to 12345678 with the option “Remove”. Beside of “Remove” option, you can also perform “Add” and “Replace”.

Originally this update was planned to release near Christmas, but my iMac suddenly out of order during in Dec, and a friendly comment from Doctor Mike. Sorry for the delay and I hope you all like the completely new version. And I would like to thanks all the friends they sent us comment, suggestion, and helps during the beta testing. Especially Jeff Carter, without his help the app can not reach the release status . Thank you very much.

“Edit Before Call” reads the phone numbers from your contacts list, and allows you to temporarily edit the number before making a call/send SMS. The saved number in your contacts will not be changed. It helps to keep your contacts list clean and easy to manage. Particularly for when you need to make a lot of long distance calls.

Features: – You can pre-set “Add”, “Remove” and “Replace” rules for different cases – ‘Recent Dialed’ List for you to have faster access to numbers you’ve dialed – ‘Favorites’ List to save your frequently used phone numbers – English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese interface

We hope the new upgraded version of “Edit Before Call” brings you more key features, that will make it easier and more convenient to use your phone.

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全新的”Edit Before Call” 2.0功能全面提昇,為你在撥打電話時先作暫時修改,例如加上字頭或替換某些數字等,撥打長途電話時尤其方便。

功能 – 新增”自定規則”功能,輕易在號碼上完成”新增”,”移除”或”替換”的動作。例如用替換功能可設定自動將”+825” 12345678變成”133” 12345678 – 撥出電話記錄,方便重撥電話 – 常用號碼列入,儲存你最常用的號碼 – 繁簡中文及英文介面

希望”Edit Before Call”的新功能可以為閣下提供更方便容易的使用體驗

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  • Kemp said on February 7, 2009


    不過, 按鍵時的聲音能夠改為跟iphone一樣呢?

  • Jeffery Wong said on February 9, 2009


  • Helios said on March 29, 2009

    请问在拨打长途电话时,一定要进Edit Call自己的通讯录才行,而直接使用系统原生的通讯录不行?

  • Jeffery Wong said on March 29, 2009


  • TW Pang said on April 5, 2009

    The program quited after showing the initial screen for 1 or 2 sec. Any idea?

    I am using 2.2.1 FW and “Edit Call 2.0 1”

  • Jeffery Wong said on April 5, 2009

    TW Pang,
    We submitted a bug fix version to handle this issue. We hope this update will be available in the App Store in a week.

  • Desmond said on May 14, 2009

    What happen to my iphone now? Edit before call was working yestersday. Today, when I try to use it, after I tap the application. It doesn’t show up. Please help how can I check it. Is it some kind of memory problme?

    Please advise.


  • Norman said on July 28, 2009

    I just got the app an the rules are useful. However, I would like to have a suggestion but not sure whether it can be done or not. Can the rules be classified under “Local Network” or “Overseas”. If I am using my iPhone in my local network, certain rules will be applied. Similarly, if I am travelling overseas, other sets of rules will be applied. For example, in HK, I may replace 86 with 006086. In China, I may replace 852 with 1259300852. This can save us a lot of IDD charges. Let’s see and wait.

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