November 12, 2008

By Jeffery Wong



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Looking for 2 Beta Testers

I am now looking for 2 beta tester who can help me test the developing version of my iPhone app. The requirements are:

  • Daily iPhone User – iPhone should be the only phone you carry and use daily
  • You located in HK
  • NOT using 3HK service – Because I like to test more operator and I already have few 3 Users helping me
  • With Wireless Data Plan
  • You have basic computer knowledge and able to manage iTunes

Normally a testing build will be prepared for you when it is almost finish. The duty is simple, just play the app! And report if there any abnormal behavior found. Some thing to remind, if you like to suggest function, you are always welcome even you are not a beta tester. Beta tester focus on the testing of the reliability of the implemented function.

Also, if there any demand during the testing, data or hardware, I don’t have any compensation for you. Suppose it will not happen, but I have to mention it first.

One last time, please keep everything confidential. e.g. don’t tell others, “I got Jeffery’s new app, and it suck”. šŸ™‚

Interested friends please send email to me, with 1 – For sure, your name 2 – A little, just a little about yourself 3 – Which iPhone you are using 4 – Which operator and data plan you are using 5 – Will you use wifi, when and where 6 – Jailbreak or not

Thank you very much first.


  • Get Jacky said on November 19, 2008

    Jeffery 兄ļ¼Œęˆ‘å„½ęœ‰čˆˆč¶£åƒčˆ‡å”·ļ¼

  • Jeffery Wong said on November 24, 2008

    Thank you and replied email.

  • Get Jacky said on November 29, 2008

    噢ļ¼Œęˆ‘ę²’ęœ‰ę”¶åˆ°ä½ é›»é›»éƒµå‘¢ć€‚

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