October 22, 2008

By Jeffery Wong


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Limitations/Bugs of making call through SDK

Edit Before Call make use of the “openURL” function in the SDK to make call from a native app. However, it seems only providing incomplete support for daily phone usage.

One of the problems major is, that function does not support phone number with “,” “*” “#”. The function accepts the phone number with those charaters, report “YES” (success) and then do nothing.

The same problem also happens when you click on the phone link in the Mobile Safari. It seems that it is a bug in the openURL function. As a SDK for a mobile phone but providing this kind of phone support. It really disappointed me.

Some notes about the download figure. Most of the download now come from HK, and US. Can you guess who is the 3rd? It is Italia.

I think the HK Weather really give me a lot friends. They are willing to try my app. It is really an unexpected effect. (But remember read the description carefully before purchase, I hope you all can be a happy user.)

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