Slow loading during typhoon signal

You may notice the loading speed of HK weather become very slow this afteroon. I found it is because of the heavy loading of the HKO server. Some of the icons are dynamic loaded from their server but they are busy on handling so many request of the enquire of the typhoon status.

To improve the HK weather performance, tonight will make some modification on the caching part.


  • i-bloog said on August 21, 2008

    建議做到cache 不用每次都 re download 一次D data
    user 可以自己 refresh

  • Jeffery Wong said on August 21, 2008

    Actually if you read the app description in the App Store, local cache already added to the plan.

    About the offline mode issues, it is one of the highly requested function. I like to implement it into the program to provide better usability and be more bandwidth friendly. However, current program structure is not well designed for further development (It is a helloworld program in real). Some function such as cache and offline mode will be grouped to next major release, e.g. version 2.0.

    This typhoon signal give a stress test to the service. One of the problem I under estimated before, the loading of HKO server. In the current structure, HK Weather server side script will call the HKO server periodically, to download the page, parse it and cache the result for HK Weather client use. However, the HKO server is TOO BUSY and make so many request timeout! It turns out the page never return or partially returned. So you make see the very slow loading, or some wrongly parsed information shown.

  • posh said on August 22, 2008

    hi there! Love the new version in English as I don’t understand Cantonese. This application is so useful esp when a typhoon is approaching like today. Keep up the good work and thx for offering such a great app for free!

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