August 23, 2008

By Jeffery Wong


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Memorable milestone: 100 comments in App Store

Finally reach 100 comments! I always think, not much HK people like to express their idea or feeling in a public place. This 100 comments in HK App Store (and 160 emails + 20 comments in US App Store) are wonderful gift to me. Whatever it is thank you notes, feedback, or complaint, all noted in my mind and taken into serious consideration.

This 100th reviewer gave a good comment I think and it really point out some points that really needed to improve. As my last post said, the traffic under typhoon signal in force is huge and the planning new major release with cache feature is really essential. According to interface, it really difficult to balance the readability, aesthetics, and deep of info. As an all time Mac user, I always wondering of their high quality of software design and always as the target I like to pursue. Let’s use the immature version 1.x to capture the users’ interest and make them solid in version 2 (or program by other developer).

Anyway, it is great to have chance to contact with so many end user. Thank you.

P.S. Feedback is always welcome, but please respect other reviewers’ effort.

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